Autismn / ADHD

I have many years of experience with the Autistic Spectrum and with ADHD in teaching, therapy and personally.

Everyone is different and has individual strengths and areas you may want to improve to make your life easier.

Many people are diagnosed as being on the Autistic Spectrum or having ADHD and related difficulties every day.

You may feel anxieties and struggle with depression as a result of your difficulties and the stress of trying to fit in with society or work.

You may have frustrations with life, difficulties in being organised, managing everyday tasks.

You may simply need to talk and know you are not alone.

More and more women are finding this is the reason they felt they did not quite fit in through their lives.

You may have hyper or hypo sensitivities you need to understand better and find ways of coping.

You may have problems with socialising and need help that is tailored to your needs.

Email me to find out how I can support you

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