Unhealthy ways of coping with stress.

These coping strategies may temporarily reduce stress, but they cause more damage in the long run:

•    Smoking
•    Drinking too much alcohol
•    Overeating or under eating
•    Spending hours in front of the television or computer
•    Withdrawing from family, friends and activities
•    Using pills or drugs to relax
•    Sleeping too much
•    Procrastination
•    Filling up every spare minute of the day to avoid facing problems
•    Taking out your feelings on others

Learning healthier ways to manage stress.

If your methods of coping with stress aren’t contributing to your greater emotional and physical health, it’s time to find healthier ones. There are many healthy ways to manage and cope with stress, but they all require change. You can either change the situation or change your reaction. When deciding which option to choose, it’s helpful to think of the four As: – Avoid, Alter, Adapt, Accept.

Since everyone has a unique response to stress no single method works for everyone or in every situation, so experiment with different techniques and strategies. Focus on what makes you feel calm and in control.

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