Online Counselling

Counselling Online can be exciting, challenging and very effective.
You might choose online counselling because:
–    It offers you flexibility and a means of reaching support when you might have difficulties attending appointments.
–    You might work shifts or need counselling at different times or on different days each week.
–    You might be a carer or parent and not able to find the time to attend.
–    You might be on the Autistic Spectrum or have other difficulties where you find being in a strange place over stimulating or uncomfortable, and need the separation and space being online offers.
–    You might need accessibility to your place of counselling and be unable to find somewhere appropriate for your needs.
–    You may live in a remote area and be unable to travel.
–    You may need specialist help for your issues and have no one available in your geographical area.

These, and many other reasons may make Online Counselling more available for you.

Online Counselling, with its opportunities for writing can bring your inner and outer worlds together through your imagination – and open the door to your unconscious world.

The counselling work between us will be a model best suited to you, but can involve e mail exchange each week or text sessions via a text chat platform at a time to suit you.

Please download my contract for online counselling and have a look. [It will open in Word]


Please download my online contract by clicking this button.

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